Conservation and research

The White-backed Woodpecker was saved thanks to conservation work. Photo: Micha Fager

The aim of BirdLife Finland is to maintain and increase biodiversity – of birds as well as other nature. We aim at the increase of bird populations and at the recovery of the threatened bird species.


We work for conservation and research

BirdLife Finland works to ensure that the environment is considered in all decision-making. BirdLife takes initiatives that promote the conservation of birds, participates in several working groups aiming e.g. at better nature legislation and regularly spreads information on the state of the birds in the media.

The research activities of BirdLife Finland produce information that is essential in nature conservation. Only when we know the population trends of the species and the factors that affect them, we can choose the right actions to protect the threatened species. The annual bird monitoring that is carried out by volunteer birdwatchers provides data on the bird populations all over Finland, from the coast of the Baltic Sea to the fjells of Northern Lapland.

Recently, we have published the report “The state of the birds in Finland”, which draws together the results of bird monitoring as well as relevant scientific studies.


Important bird areas and threatened species are our priorities

Safeguarding the areas and routes that are important to birds is one of the priorities of BirdLife Finland’s conservation work. Our “Important bird areas in Finland” -projects aims at identifying the areas that are significant for birds regionally, nationally, as well as internationally. We have also determined main bird migration routes in Finland to help sustainable spatial planning of Wind farms in Finland. BirdLife Finland regularly publishes data on the areas important for birds and shares the information with the decision-makers to ensure that the areas are taken into account in conservation, land use planning and in other human activities.

BirdLife Finland acts to halt the decline of threatened birds and to secure viable bird populations in all habitats. Our species conservation work focuses on the declining and scarce bird species. The information we collect on the bird populations is used to influence national decision-making, such as the policies concerning hunting, forestry and agriculture. As well, the publicly shared information encourages the thousands of birdwatchers to continue their efforts.


We work nationally and internationally

An important part of BirdLife Finland’s work is to see that the national and international environmental legislation is respected. We regularly report breaches of the legislation to the national and international courts, and have also won many cases important for nature conservation in Finland.

In addition to the national activities, BirdLife Finland contributes to the conservation work of BirdLife International. The birds know no borders.